How you can help

Get Involved!

Adopt! APAF strongly favours adoption over animal trade and breeding. The greatest way of showing your support to the animal cause is by adopting a homeless pet!

Foster! If you feel that you cannot commit to a long-term pet, you can always help us by fostering one of our animals for a short period of time, until we can provide it with a forever home!

Report! If you see a lost animal or witness an animal being mistreated in any way, please ACT quickly by rescuing it and taking it to the nearest vet, or by contacting us at 76 535065.

Volunteer! APAF receives urgent calls concerning lost or abused pets 24 hours a day! We always need volunteers who can help us during these rescues. We also need volunteers to help out during our fundraising and awareness events. You can also contribute in many other ways such as media support or helping with the design of our ads and T-shirts.

Raise Awareness! A very simple way of helping us advance the animal cause is to simply raise awareness around you on a daily basis, and openly condemn the cruelty that many animals are being subjected to in Lebanon and the world.

Neuter Your Pet! Neutering your pet is a very important step to take as a pet owner! There are so many stray and abandoned animals in this world that we really must make an effort to control the animal population so that all animals can have a loving home, food and water. Therefore please do the right thing and neuter your pet, and encourage your friends to do the same!